Our Firm: Has managed clients' financial assets since 2000.

Our Mission: To manage clients' financial assets in accordance with their written Investment Policy and to produce actual returns in excess of clients' benchmark returns.

Accountability: To help clients achieve their goals.

Caring: To listen carefully to client's ideas, concerns and ideals.

Services: As a financial advisor, we manage financial investments (mutual funds, stocks and bonds) and provide investment planning. Investment management include taxable, IRA, 401(K) and various retirement plans accounts.

Wealth Management, LLC's beginnings: Roger Muns was Chief Financial Officer of a very successful oil & gas exploration company from 1991-2000. The owner asked Roger to supervise his financial assets. He was glad to do so and eagerly wanted to learn more.

In searching for the very best educational programs, he found the Chartered Financial Analyst credential. It is the gobally recognized mark of distinction and standard for measuring the expertise, experience and ethics of serious investment professionals. He completed the arduous 3 levels of the CFA exam (approximately 900 hours of study) and was awarded Chartered Financial Analyst credential. (Financial Times calls it the "Gold Standard".)

The exploration company ceased operations in 2000. With joy and excitement, he started Wealth Management, LLC.