Financial Asset Management Services

We manage clients' financial assets on a discretionary basis - taking full responsibility for our results.

We do not invest client's financial assets until a written Investment Policy with client's active involvement is finalized.

Our fees are based on the value of clients' financial assets. If client's assets increase in value, our fees increase and, if they decrease in value, our fees decrease resulting in a perfect alignment of purpose of manager and client.

Most of our clients' assets are held at a truly superb firm with very low transaction costs. Clients can access their account at any time. We send timely quarterly statements showing actual and benchmark returns.

Other Services (at no cost to clients)

Over the years, clients have asked for our advice on a wide range of subjects. Example include:

  • Regarding life insurance, annuities, and other products, we understand the purpose of these products and the role they play and can answer most of your questions. (We do not sell any products nor have affiliations with any who do.)

  • Can you help us determine if we have sufficient financial assets to retire? (We developed a program that crunches the numbers!)

  • What are my social security options and which would be best?

  • Can I make a significant gift to my child?

  • How can parents and grandparents help fund their childrens' and grandchildrens' costly college education?