What is the Winners List?

It is a powerful tool listing actively managed mutual funds with superior asset managers who, have historically, outperform index funds.

Since our firms inception in 2000, our clients' actual returns have been better than their benckmark returns.

Research found 10 factors that can identify "Superior Asset Managers" (Financial Analyst Journal, Dec 2011)

Not all fund managers are average. Superior Asset Managers outperform index funds over time.

We use Morningstar's database to search over 38,000 mutual funds to find funds to be included in the Winners Lists.

There are Winners Lists for: (1) U.S. stock funds, (2) Foreign stock funds and (3) Bond funds.

With using the Winners List, we refined our search engine and enhanced our selection of key data to identify Winners. Conclusions are based on empirical envidence and sound judgement.

It was our expectation that a Superior Asset Manager on our Winners List should remain a "Winner" for an extended period. That seems to be true. Quarterly, only a few "Winners" are added and a few laggards are dropped.

We have no financial interest in or conflicts of interest with any mutual fund firms.

With an effort to obtain actual returns higher than benchmark returns we focus on:

  1. Asset Allocations decisions - overweighting financial assets that should be overweighted (and vis-à-vis).
  2. Security selections - using our Winners List to select funds that will outperform index funds.

To see a U.S. Stock Fund Winners List: click here
(Fund name and ticker are blacked out to protect Morningstar's proprietary data.)